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Security in Multi-Channel Banking

Security for multi-channel banking

It goes without saying that the risk of fraud, in Internet banking, at ATMs or at self-service terminals, is increasing all the time for customers and banks.

Two CreaLog systems, which can be used either individually or combined, offer an interesting way of improving security.

Improved security in multi-channel banking using security questions with voice biometrics (voice as password) by phone

If an instruction is made, either via Internet, by direct debit, at an ATM or self-service terminal, the customer receives a call (or SMS) from his bank to inform him of the amount and purpose of the instruction. He is then asked to authorize the transaction with his password.

This procedure offers significant security benefits since the customer is always informed of instructions quickly and does not need to wait for account statements.

It is also possible to use voice biometrics for even greater security. During password authorization, a stored voice profile is also used to check that the person on the phone is actually the account holder. This achieves maximum security since the execution of the instruction (ATM/Internet) and authorization (telephone) take place via different means of communication.

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