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SEPA and IBAN in multi-channel banking

The use of the IBAN is mandatory as part of international standardization of electronic payment transactions. The statutory obligation to use the IBAN means that the SEPA process will become much more widely used.

Secure IBAN identification in telephone banking

CreaLog Banking has a well-developed standard module for identifying the IBAN. Format information is used to optimize the quality of identification which is why each country abbreviation has its own individual grammar.

To make input easier for the telephone banking customer, the IBAN can also be entered in a multi-stage query. Thus the caller is first asked for the country and then the country-specific parts of the information. If necessary, the system can calculate the check digit and hence the IBAN can be compiled automatically.

Additional security in telephone banking

In principle the biometric procedure of voice verification is a way of introducing innovative identification and authentication processes. Today it is technically easy to use the caller's telephone number that is transmitted as a means of identification and also to ask for information such as zip code and date of birth in order to perform authentication by means of voice verification.


CreaLog Banking even offers an "announce own IBAN" function in order to output the IBAN for your own account. In principle the relevant IBAN can be announced at any point in telephone banking at which account data is used, for example when the latest transactions are read out or a transfer is executed.

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