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Customer Loyalty Programs

For many years now, CreaLog has been helping to make popular customer loyalty programs a success. After all, excellent service is a major factor when it comes to customer loyalty.

The success of voice portals when used by bonus and customer loyalty program providers is due to one simple fact. The programs pay out rather than generating income, so the efficiency and high quality of the supporting services are especially important.

The automation of recurrent procedures and processes, as at our customer PAYBACK, is a particularly important option. Whether a person has lost their bonus card, would like to know their total number of points or would like to give notification of their new address, this can all be done easily via telephone on a self-service basis. However, customer enquiries regarding the delivery status of the free gifts they have ordered can also be automated using database coupling and without tying up resources in the contact center.

Satisfied customers, savings in terms of telephone service staff resources: this simple formula sums up what makes the solution so successful.

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