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Meter service / metering

Automated telephone meter reading

Does your company still regularly send electricity, water or gas meter readers out to customers?
Do you still need to check meter reading cards which are returned to you?

Modern suppliers opt for a system which allows customers to read their own meters and then submit the readings themselves. They do so via telephone, with the readings being taken by the voice portal. The plausibility of the figures given is checked, and any possible discrepancies are immediately brought to the customer's attention. This saves you the time-consuming job of getting back in touch with your customers.

An additional benefit: 
The data submitted via telephone can be further processed in SAP IS-U or other billing systems.

The telephone meter reading service is available to you and your customers 24 hours a day. As a result, there is no need to waste time making appointments or returning cards.

Prepaid meters

KELAG in Kärnten has opted for an interesting solution.

Many KELAG customers use so-called prepaid electricity. They have a special electricity meter which allows them to "top up their credit".

Each time they wish to do so, they receive a numerical code which they have to enter into their prepaid electricity meter in order to activate the supply. There are various reasons for using this system. Certain customers wish to have better control over their electricity bills. In other cases, the supplier can reduce the risk of customers getting behind with their payments.

To save the service center the job of passing on the numerical codes, KELAG uses a voice portal. When a customer calls, the portal simultaneously checks the database to see whether the client is cleared to receive a key. If the customer has always paid their bills on time in the past, they will be given credit this time too. They are then given a new numerical code which they can enter into their electricity meter straight away.

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