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Financial Services

Banks / Brokers

Customer contact by phone plays a key role for banks and brokers

With large numbers of customers and employees, banks and brokers place enormous demand on their ICT infrastructure and security of communications for banking transactions.

We understand the requirements of banks such as private banks and co-operative banks, savings banks and brokers, regional banks, credit card companies and fund managers. Our customers include all these financial services providers, making CreaLog the market leader in this industry.

True multi-channel banking today also includes ASR (speech recognition) telephone banking, either with an employee in the bank's service center or via an IVR (Voice Portal), and supporting telephone contacts in the branches.

Banking customers use the CreaLog Voice Portals over 30 million times a year for their telephone banking transactions and display high level of acceptance of this extremely secure telephone contact.

In addition to the security of the calls, banking customers appreciate the speed of the transactions: "The quickest transfer in Europe" using the CreaLog Voice Portal brings fast and final transfer by phone into sharp focus!

No true multi-channel banking without telephone banking

Multi-channel banking means true freedom of choice in how to access the bank, irrespective of time, location and the banking customer's concern. Real multi-channel banking today also includes true telephone banking, either with an employee in the bank's service center or via a voice dialog system in the telephone banking system.

Telephone banking via a voice dialog system allows the customer to instruct banking transactions around the clock from any phone anywhere, conveniently using voice recognition and with maximum security! At present, banking customers are using market-leading CreaLog telephone banking solutions over 30 million times a year for their banking transactions via voice portal – and the trend is only upwards!

Self-service transactions completed over the phone

CreaLog Banking is a solution tailored to customer requirements for the completion of typical banking processes using natural language dialog over the telephone.

Similar to an internet portal, the customer uses the voice portal on the telephone. He can manage his accounts, find out balances, make transfers, block credit and debit cards, inquire about stock prices and obtain important information from his bank. Round-the-clock access to the system makes it an important pillar of professional multi-channel banking.

Features of CreaLog Banking include the use of natural language understanding (NLU) enabling uncomplicated and secure call flow, as well as a high level of security through user authentication via voice biometrics.

Telephone brokerage

Trade securities by phone?
Not a problem! 

Securities of all types have been traded using the speech-enabled CreaLog telephone brokerage system for over 10 years, all with secure speech recognition on a secure platform.

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Telephone contact plays a key role in customer contact in insurance companies.

These companies place particularly high demands on their ICT infrastructure because of the large number of customers and employees. We understand the requirements of insurance companies, which is why our customer base includes major German life, non-life and health insurers.

We help insurance companies in many ways in their day-to-day challenges of routing customers quickly to the "right" person and keeping a "grip" on fluctuating call volumes (due to changes in motor vehicle no claims bonuses or extraordinary events). A good example is the efficient assignment of the electronic confirmations of coverage (eVB) for vehicles at the Versicherungskammer Bayern in Germany. Download the success story here.

Major Incidents

The service center is temporarily faced with increased call volumes (peaks) in the event of major incidents giving rise to claims or a tariff raise. That usually means queues for the callers and in consequence unhappy customers who rightly complain that the company is difficult to reach.

CreaLog offers many solutions to this problem

  • Intelligent queues that give callers the option to leave a message requesting a callback or to continue waiting.
  • Callback management so that the caller's call is returned when it suits him best.
  • Or self-services, such as information on the processing status, are just a few of our many solutions.
  • Our recording and speech analytics solutions allow better insight into the handled calls and the topics thus allowing better ressource planning 

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Voice self-services simplify customer self-service by telephone.

Automated voice dialogs are available round the clock, from anywhere and easily – by voice via telephone or mobile phone – cost-effective and without any waiting time.

Voice self-services can be useful whenever the queuing time threatens to become too long for the caller or outside the contact center or help desk's opening hours. The caller finds what he is looking for quickly, simply and voice controlled, at any time of day or night. The company increases customer satisfaction since the caller is not sitting "endlessly" in the queue or running up against "Sorry just closed!".

Voice self-services are also a proven tool for "low-value" services. The low costs of voice self-services means it is possible to offer many services that simply would not be viable if supported by an employee.

Areas where voice self-services are appropriate for insurance companies include:

  • Office, branch or agency search
  • Premium information for new and existing customers
  • Requests for standardized documents such as international insurance card, green card and many more
  • Processing status inquiries

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For many years now, CreaLog has been helping to make popular customer loyalty programs a success. After all, excellent service is a major factor when it comes to customer loyalty.

The success of voice portals when used by bonus and customer loyalty program providers is due to one simple fact. The programs pay out rather than generating income, so the efficiency and high quality of the supporting services are especially important.

The automation of recurrent procedures and processes, as at our customer PAYBACK (member of American Express Group), is a particularly important option. Whether a person has lost their bonus card, would like to know their total number of points or would like to give notification of their new address, this can all be done easily via telephone on a self-service basis. However, customer enquiries regarding the delivery status of the free gifts they have ordered can also be automated using database coupling and without tying up resources in the contact center.

Satisfied customers, savings in terms of telephone service staff resources: this simple formula sums up what makes the solution so successful.

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