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Voice Self-Services

Voice self-services

Voice self-services simply means customer self-service over the telephone.

Automated voice dialogs are available round the clock, from anywhere and easily – by voice via telephone or mobile phone – cost-effective and without any waiting time.

Voice self-services can be useful whenever the queuing time threatens to become too long for the caller or outside the contact center or help desk's opening hours.

The caller finds what he is looking for quickly, simply and voice controlled, at any time of day or night.

The company increases customer satisfaction since the caller is not sitting "endlessly" in the queue or running up against "Sorry just closed!".

Voice self-services are also a proven tool for "low-value" services. The low costs of voice self-services means it is possible to offer many services that simply would not be viable if supported by an employee.

Usage scenarios

Areas where voice self-services are appropriate for insurance companies include:

  • Office, branch or agency search
  • Premium information for new and existing customers
  • Requests for standardized documents such as international insurance card, green card and many more
  • Processing status inquiries
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