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Pay TV

Pay-per-view orders and individual offers

CreaLog is one of the pioneers of Voice Portals in the pay-TV market. Since the mid-90s the broadcaster DF1 and Premiere (now Sky Germany) are our customers.


In addition to pre qualification in the contact center and for contests, the voice portal is used for the pay-per-view service.

More than 60,000 calls per hour can be processed by the voice portal as Sky subscribers order a special sports event, concert or movie – for transmission to their Sky digital receiver. The system works around the clock on weekdays and at weekends.

It was back in 1997 that Sky predecessor Premiere began to use the CreaLog solution to process the bulk of its inbound call volume. Which today means millions of calls a year.

Intelligent customer management

Thanks to its new service portal, Sky can now implement a more extensive and intelligent customer management system. Based on phone number and customer ID, each caller is verified and routed automatically. Depending on their immediate concerns or particular wishes, the callers are put through direct to the right service expert.

Included are personalized offers for viewers whose range of interests are already known. What’s more, the voice portal will “talk to” customers from specific area codes about targeted promotions such as offers based on regional TV adverts.

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