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Timetable information / passenger service portal

Passenger service portals perform a variety of tasks.

In addition to providing automated, general information and announcing current disruptions to public transport, IVRs are frequently used to back up systems offering timetable information too.

The BVGin Berlin achieved a considerable improvement in the contactability of its service center when it introduced a voice computer which reads out optimum connections up to 1,000 times a day. This offers an important advantage in that the caller can have some or all of the information repeated without tying up staff in the service center if they do not hear the names of the stops or U-Bahn stations the first time

Mobile parking

For many years now, car drivers in Copenhagen have had no more problems buying car-parking tickets. After all, a CreaLog voice portal allows them to book parking time and extend it if necessary.

The ticketing system is very simple. Registered customers receive a parking permit with a barcode for their vehicle and can then buy a limited or unlimited ticket simply by making a phone call.

Traffic wardens check the permits attached to vehicles using hand-held reading devices. The person whose vehicle is parked receives a text message warning them that their allotted time is due to run out in 15 minutes. They can then return to the vehicle or extend their parking time simply by replying to the text message.

Car sharing and bike hire services

Would your customers like to move freely around the city but without placing too much of a strain on their wallets?

No problem. Car sharing and bike hire services are available round the clock. Thanks to an IVR or spoken dialog system, they can be booked from any location simply by making a phone call.

No Internet access or smartphone is needed to book, return or extend vehicles and bikes. This increases acceptance among customers who only have a normal mobile phone.

The fact that the voice portal recognizes the customer from their telephone number makes it much easier to legitimize them and makes the booking process faster.

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