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Contact Center components

1: Workflow
2: Queuing
3: Routing

Managed by the CDG workflow engine for a harmonized design, all communications channels are directed to the central routing system.

Thanks to intelligent automated multimedia distribution, the network-based routing system processes recurrent procedures in a standardized, automated manner and distributes all communications queries on a skills basis.

This includes services and technologies such as:

  • intelligent advance screening (prioritizing customers on the basis of their telephone number or their query)
  • speech recognition and speech synthesis/text to speech/biometrics
  • Auto Attendant (the caller is connected to individual employees, service points or departments based on voice commands)
  • recording of callback requests including details of the preferred time and the query
  • recording of simple information (addresses, opening times etc.), current information announcements and status information
  • voice self-services for conclusively dealing with cases, even those involving complex processes: voice automation reduces call peaks and queues
  • further inquiry dialogs between call center agents, redirects and conferences

Using natural language and available round the clock, the integrated CreaLog Voice Portal (IVR) provides self-services to meet customer requirements instead of queues.

4: Home office, workplace
5: Call center and help desk

Backed up by unified communications and conference solutions, the intelligent routing system directs communications queries to the agents in the front and back office or to expert teams and help desks for further processing. Whether these people work in the company's own or outsourced contact centers or in home offices is irrelevant.

6: Statistics and reporting
7: Customer satisfaction surveys

For quality assurance purposes, the management solutions offer:

  • web-based tools for real-time statistics and meaningful reporting, with central contact statistics and reports for supervisors (also available on iOS and Android devices)
  • Questionnaires and customer satisfaction surveys with call recording and evaluation with the help of speech analytics
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