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One-number telephone concept

  • Phone banking voice portal & CreaLog Contact Center
  • Multichannel management with e-mail and document routing instead of pure call routing (ACD)
  • Integration of contemporary contact channels such as chat, SMS and video calling in the future
  • Use of a modern, dynamic queue
  • A single, clearly arranged agent interface instead of different screens for ACD and voice portal

Sparda-Bank Hamburg eG - Contact Center and Phone Banking

Irena Neumaier, Call Center Head:

 „What was needed was a customized solution tailored precisely to Sparda Hamburg.“

„We needed a solution for our customers that they can find their way around and get to where they want to be quickly. This was the impetus for the basic idea of a direct and to the point solution..“

„Everything under one roof and as few interfaces as possible, that’s what makes sense in terms of the close integration of voice portal and contact center. It is highly advantageous to have only one point of contact on whom we can rely fully. This works perfectly with CreaLog. If there is a need for clarification, then one call suffices and immediately someone looks after finding a solution.“

Company profile

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Martin Vennik - Director Sales
Contact Person

Fon: +49 89 324 656-51

+49 89 324 656-0
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