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AI – Part of CreaLog's DNA for Years

Whether at CCW or CeBIT — everywhere, artificial intelligence along with all its facets is being celebrated as the all new object of hype. But is...

AI (artificial intelligence) deals with automating intelligent behavior in an effort to reproduce human-like intelligence. Many aspects of what is presently being celebrated and praised under the attractive label of  "artificial intelligence" or "AI"...
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Telephone Beats Chatbot, Remains Highly Popular

New technologies open new prospects. But always keep in mind users' specific requirements.

Today, chatbots are one of the hottest topics of customer service. Clearly, In future, they will be a normal, indispensable way for website or online shop operators to communicate with their customers. But at present, man-machine dialogue is still...
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Speech Analytics – a Hot Topic

Why analyzing service line calls is relevant and meaningful for organizations.

The Berlin CCW revealed it and so did our workshops and webinar: Information on speech analytics is in great demand. Scarcely surprising: If used properly, this new technology can help lift hitherto hidden insight treasures from telephone...
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CCW 2017 Focused on Speech Analytics and AI

CreaLog's Speech Analytics solution high on the agenda

8,000 visitors and 260 exhibitors from 20 countries. This year's 19th issue of the Conference & Trade Show for Customer Service and Contact Centre (CCW) in Berlin reached new record highs and was again a great success. Interest was high far the...
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The 115 Citizen Line

Interactive Voice Response supports Berlin administration's central telephone service

„Welcome to our 115 line. You have reached the Service Centre in Berlin …“ The voice of the citizen service line 115 utters this sentence around 5000 times each day. It is the friendly welcome for callers from the voice-enabled computer that handles...
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CreaLog does away with call queues

Customers don't want to hold the line. Period.

Many contact centers are aware of the fact that long hold times have a bad influence on customer satisfaction, cancellation rates, and the customer experience in general. The call itself can be as positive as it likes, a long waiting time will still...
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A Better Way to Analyze Calls

CreaLog automates telephone dialog transcription in call centers.

The following article is a translation from the german magazine TeleTalk 04/2016

Success-minded call center managers will always strive to increase employee performance while keeping up the quality of their customer contacts. Apart from...
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Network operator Netze BW relieved control centers

in fault handling

Netze BW GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of EnBW AG, Germany's third largest power company, relieves its network control centers from callers calling on already known faults in the network. The situation is well known: electricity, gas, water and...
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Transcription of phone calls

New partnership with EML

In the past CreaLog already realized many different recording solutions. Mobile Call Recording at Swisscom in Switzerland, to meet requirements by the regulatory authority, blocking of Maestro Cards at the emergency hotline in Germany and recording...
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Last Agent Routing

reduces Average Handling Time

Sparda-Bank Nuremberg highly delighted by positive impact of the new service.

Last Agent Routing, i.e. connecting the caller with his last contact in the call center is great! Especially in case of time-critical problems or issues requiring multiple...
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