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A visit that will pay off: New features on the CreaLog website

If you visited our website recently, you might have noticed the new functions and sections. For everyone else, we summarized the improvements. But one thing is for sure: a regular visit to the CreaLog website is definitely recommended!

New functions in the NewsBlog

On our newsblog page you will now find a handy categorization that allows you to directly access interesting news, topics, industries and case studies. The history goes back to 2018, new blog posts are added regularly.

In addition, you can now share all posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing and Twitter with just one click. Pretty convenient, if you want to quickly and easily alert your followers to a current solution, an exciting success story or an upcoming event.

Complex topics, simply explained

Also new on the CreaLog website is the 'Definitions' section. What doesn't sound particularly exciting at first glance, shows its usefulness at second glance: Definitions on very different topics can be found in abundance on the web. But especially when it comes to telecommunications, voice technology and contact center technology, some explanations leave you rather perplexed. We haven't managed to do it completely without technical terms, but it should be enough to explain to family, colleagues, friends, or business partners what CreaLog is doing.

Better structure - focus on benefits

Over the last few months, we have taken a close look at almost every single page and thought about how we could improve the user experience. We've reworked the structures, rewritten the texts and put the user benefits in the foreground. Just take a look at as an example.

Any comments or suggestions for improving the CreaLog website? Then simply send an e-mail to We look forward to your suggestions and ideas!


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