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All of a sudden there was a war

"When the war against Ukraine began, I had just spent two days as an intern at CreaLog. Nobody knew me, but my colleagues knew that I was from Kiev."

"I will never forget how on that morning of February 24, 2022, my supervisor called me and told me that if I wanted to, I could stay home. Even for a week if I was too unwell to come into work. And then she asked me if there was anything she or the company could do for me or my family.

I was just a small intern - but really all the colleagues inquired if I or my family needed help, what they could do, where they could donate.
My family, who came to Munich from Kiev a little later, was even able to move in temporarily with a colleague and his wife until we found them something in Munich.

This warmth and kindness, this support towards a stranger, towards me, touched me very much.

And of course I stayed: first as an intern, then as a working student, and then in a permanent position from September 2023.

I feel comfortable here: the colleagues are so nice, my work (I do project development and administration) is really varied - and the pay is right, too.

CreaLog and the people who work here have become a bit of my new home."

Thank you, dear Anna Mutska, for your touching story.


CreaLog - Anna Mutska
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