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Convincing VoiceBot and IVR Solutions

Are interactive and intelligent voice services experiencing a renaissance in customer care — or have they never really been away? Yes and yes, that's the answer. The fact is that our customers are continuously investing in the further development of their CreaLog VoiceBot/IVR systems on the basis of extremely good past experience. This is more than a clear sign for the entire customer care industry and confirms once again that we are really helping our numerous customers to improve their customer service sustainably and at the same time reduce costs with mature and proven VoiceBot and IVR solutions.

International corporations such as Amazon continue to rely on the telephone as their preferred contact channel due to the high First Contact Resolution Rate (FCR).

So let's take a look at some of the solutions CreaLog recently implemented.

New Pay-TV Hotline: "How can i help you?

The new VoiceBot of the customer hotline of a large Pay-TV broadcaster said farewell to rigid menus and now reliably answers free caller input in natural language. From now on, the greeting will be a human: "How can i help you?

While the caller previously had to enter digits to control the various menu items, a few short keywords are now sufficient to order films, activate smart cards, retrieve invoices or give a new address, for example. After the customer has been identified, the respective process is triggered via his customer number. Depending on the caller's concerns, the call is then forwarded to a customer advisor or to a self-service process.

Here, too, the customer can usually clarify his request conclusively on a case-by-case basis and even successfully activate a smartcard via SMS. All in all, the CreaLog solution is now able to route the call to more than 70 different destinations. A positive side effect is that the number of calls forwarded from the voice portal to agents in the contact center has been reduced by around 10 percent — a considerable saving in resources.

VoiceBot for a furniture discounter: Availability of goods and delivery status

The new CreaLog VoiceBot solution for a large German furniture discounter covers two important areas at once: Availability of goods and delivery information.

When it comes to the availability of goods, the customer receives the desired information for the nearest furniture store after entering his postal code and the desired article number. If the product is no longer in stock at the nearest location, the customer can request another branch or an alternative product.

Sounds simple - and it is.

The delivery information module is already a good deal more comprehensive, as the options are much more diverse: Is it a complete fitted kitchen delivered by a freight forwarder or just a decorative item delivered by the parcel service? With the furniture discounter's delivery information, customers who call up directly in their market are forwarded to the CreaLog-VoiceBot. There the customer identifies himself via the customer number and a PIN printed on the sales contract. If this data is not available, the call is forwarded to one of the customer service consultants. If identification is successful, the actual information process about the current status of the delivery starts.
First evaluations prove that an impressive number of concerns can be resolved by the VoiceBot on a case-by-case basis — and acceptance by callers is steadily increasing.

German cable network operator: innovative VoiceBot increases customer satisfaction

A leading cable network operator has been using a comprehensive CreaLog Voice Portal since 2012. In order to further increase usage and customer satisfaction, the revamped IVR had to cover significantly more topics than before. As the company offers a wide range of products and services: from network connections for property developers and municipalities to TV, Internet, telephone, mobile communications and various combination packages for private customers, the complexity of the task is easy to understand. 

This multitude of these topics could no longer be depicted in a customer-friendly way via a rigid, menu-driven voice portal. The starting point in telephone customer service is therefore now the open question of the voice bot: "How can I help you?

With the answer of the caller, practically every wish can be recognized and processed today. The only requirement is that the topic has been defined in advance as a valid request. After recognition, the VoiceBot then sets straight many topics directly in dialog with the customer on a case-by-case basis. If it is a very complex or consultation-intensive topic, the call is passed on directly to a service employee after preliminary identification and legitimation. This pre-qualification noticeably reduced the average handling time (AHT) for all calls.


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