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CreaLog MRF - Software-based Media Resource Function for Cloud Deployments

The CreaLog MRF building blocks help Communication Service Providers to deliver multimedia Services in VoLTE, 5G and fixed IMS networks.

Apart from supporting a multitude of audio codecs and providing basic telephony announcements the CreaLog MRF integrates a broad set of Value Added Services.

The framework

The comprehensive CreaLog framework of SIP Application Servers (SIP AS) and SIP Media Servers (SIP MRF) is fully compliant with W3C, 3GPP, ETSI, SIP, MRCP, MSML, MSCML, VoiceXML, and Netann standards.
Individual project specific technical requirements can easily be added if necessary.

Third party connectivity

Connectors to industry standard control interfaces like MSML, VoiceXML and Netann allow rapid integration and development with third party application servers and utilization of the media processing capabilities for voice, speech, video, conferencing and fax.

Key Benefits of the CreaLog MRF solution

  • High-performance media processing and scalability
  • Cloud deployment flexibility
  • Deployment as separate Media Resource Function or integrated Media Server
  • Fixed/mobile converged networks support
  • Unified Service Creation Environment with Web GUI Service Manager

To learn more about the CreaLog MRF and for a complete specification, download the MRF data sheet or contact our sales representatives.


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