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CreaLog supports SOS-Children's Villages worldwide

AI-based solutions by the telephony supplier CreaLog are enjoying strong demand in Corona times. As a result, CreaLog was able to increase the amount donated at Christmastime to the internationally active SOS Children's Villages organization to 20,000 euros. CreaLog and its employees want to use this money to support children, young people and families in difficult situations around the world.

SOS Children's Villages Worldwide is an independent aid organization that is active in 137 countries at 710 locations and helps children, young people and families worldwide.

CreaLog founder Michael Kloos explains why his company again chose to donate to SOS Children's Villages:

"Children and families are having a particularly hard time in the Corona pandemic. Our team and I want to support them in this difficult situation for all of us. The work of SOS Children's Villages worldwide and their humanitarian commitment is truly impressive. It deserves great respect and recognition. This Christmas season, we would like to give something back after a successful year. Our donation goes to an organization that is so much more than its name suggests. We hope that we will once again be able to contribute to advancing the projects of SOS Children's Villages worldwide. It is also important for us that SOS Children's Villages is active in many countries around the world, to which our employees have family and personal ties."

Much more than just a family for parentless children

Austrian pedagogue Hermann Gmeiner founded the SOS Children's Village association in 1949 to give orphaned and abandoned children a new home in the post-war period. In the meantime, the activities go far beyond this task: The youth support takes care of secondary schools or an apprenticeship so that young people can find their way to independence. Residential groups focus on the reintegration of children into their families of origin, but SOS Children's Villages also support foster families.

In addition, SOS Children's Villages provides care for unaccompanied minor refugees and cooperates with the authorities to offer institutionalized children alternative care close to their families. In helping families in need, SOS Children's Villages provides access to education for girls and boys, health care, educational and family counseling, as well as psychological support, training and vocational guidance.

Many SOS Children's Villages include day care centers, Hermann Gmeiner schools and their own vocational training centers, training initiatives and continuing education programs. SOS Children's Villages health centers and clinics provide basic medical care to children, parents and pregnant women, and staff members inform children and families about health issues and hygiene, and advise on family planning. In disaster and crisis areas, SOS Children's Villages provide emergency aid for children and their families, including protection and psychological care for unaccompanied children or support for reconstruction and new beginnings.

For more information about SOS Children's Villages, visit.

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