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Layer 8 - At the end of the day, it's the people who matter.

Why does CreaLog donate jerseys, shorts and socks to a children's football club in Daglfing?

Our project developer Mohamed Tiyani coaches children and young people in his spare time. And Daglfing is a special place: sports clubs are usually completely overcrowded, and leisure facilities such as sports clubs and youth centres are urgently needed, especially in economically mixed neighbourhoods.

Over the past 20 years, the number of volunteers in sports clubs has fallen by around 10 per cent - a trend that can certainly be attributed to the changing living conditions and demands of this age group. So it is all the more pleasing when people get involved and help to teach young people about rules and team spirit in a playful way - as well as the feeling of having a position in a group, having a place and pursuing a common goal. 

We think it's great that our employee - despite having his own family with three children - is committed to the future of these kids. And for that, and of course for the young people, who will finally be able to train and compete with other teams in a uniform kit.

Thank you, Mohamed, for your dedication and commitment!


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