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Short program or free-skating? Service Automation with IVR and VoiceBots

"Please press 1 if your call concerns your current invoice, press 2 for all other issues": this is what the short program in automated, telephone-based customer service sounds like. Touchtone IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is mostly about pure pre-qualification and the fast and uncomplicated selection of a few menu items - in other words, "short and sweet". This doesn't have to be a bad thing - and for various use cases it is still entirely in the interest of the caller.

N.B. Although the webinar will be in German, don't hesitate to ask for a personal presentation in English.

It is only with freestyle, i.e. a VoiceBot and Conversational AI, that many companies find themselves on thin ice. Now it's a matter of reliably recognizing and interpreting freely formulated inquiries and requests from customers and processing them in a process-compliant manner - or handing them over to an employee in the service center with a smooth, digital handshake.

In his webinar, Stefan Riesel, an expert in customer care automation, will show the way to solutions that really make customers happy and contribute to a positive customer experience, based on typical and frequently heard negative examples. In doing so, he draws on his more than 20 years of project experience, including current technologies such as Conversational AI, which he presents in the webinar. And to stick with the skating analogies: With intelligent service automation via VoiceBot, the desired effects quickly set in - and you too will then stand the triple Axel 😊.

Learn in the CreaLog webinar:

  • Why a simple IVR still helps customers today, if it is well done and properly integrated,
  • How companies can take customer service to the next level with a VoiceBot,
  • what voicebots can do today, and
  • how they can support or completely take over customer service processes.


Click here to register for the webinar on the 10th Customer Service Week page.


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Short program or free-skating? Service Automation with IVR and VoiceBots


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