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To significantly increase customer and employee satisfaction and boost productivity, companies rely on analyzing customer conversations, evaluating the quality of dialogs and discussing them with service or contact center employees.

Modern speech technologies allow to automatically record, transcribe and evaluate telephone conversations. This way, relevant information about the customer's concerns (intent), the dialog flow and the content of the conversation can be obtained immediately.

Operational control - valuable insights for the management

What do customers think of your company? Are they satisfied with the goods or services or are there frequent complaints?

Transcription and analysis provide management with answers to these questions - for example:

  • Are advertising and marketing campaigns successful?
  • Do customers still have questions or need clarification? And what exactly are they about?
  • Are there certain main topics?
  • How do the main topics change over time (day, week, month)?
  • In what context are certain topics repeatedly addressed?
  • How do customer queries change with regard to the top topics? Can positive or negative trends be identified here?

This list can be expanded and extended almost at will, depending on the industry and company.

But the decisive factor is that the findings from the strategic analysis help to optimize the relevant business processes.

More opportunities and benefits at a glance

Precise recognition of intentions

  • What exactly do customers say, what are their concerns and how do they express their intents?
  • How does the frequency of intents change over time over hours, days or weeks?
  • Are thresholds being exceeded on a particular issue that provide supervisors with important insights?

Identification of automation potentials

  • What is the percentage of routine calls and issues, and can these concerns be automated on a case-by-case basis by ServiceBots?
  • How can I best balance the mix of human and automated customer service?

Sustainable training, live coaching and further qualification

  • Are the conversational proportions between customer and agent right?
  • Is what I have learned being applied in customer conversations?
  • What can be learned from best and worst case conversations?
  • Where is coaching or follow-up training necessary?

Quality control and assurance

  • Did the conversation proceed according to company compliance guidelines?
  • How satisfied are customers with the conversation - were there any expressions of displeasure or did the customer thank you?
  • How can I minimize frustration for agents and customers alike?


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Speech Analytics
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