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New CreaLog Platform 7 takes transcription to the next level

State-of-the-art transcription involves converting a telephone call into writing "on the fly" and storing it as a text file while providing the corresponding text file in near real time. Customers are thus able to detect important findings on issues such as service quality. Once converted into text, a telephone conversation is easier to find and analyze. As an example, a provider of vehicle leasing and insurance services in Austria that has been established on the market for several decades is using our solution to help callers faster and more precisely and thus increase customer satisfaction. CreaLog employs technologies from Nuance, the market leader in dialog-oriented and cognitive AI innovations. The Vocalizer from Nuance enables organizations of all sizes and complexity to set up intelligent self-services. Nuance Recognizer 11 is using advanced technologies like deep neural networks and machine learning for more accurate and autonomous interactions.

The Transcription engine is an integral part of the CreaLog Platform 7, our comprehensive platform for all signaling and media applications in the communication service provider market. It has a layered architecture and is tailored to the operational needs of network operators.

Please find more about transcription from CreaLog here.


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