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CreaLog supports highly popular TV Show in cooperation with Unitel

The TV show "Estrelas ao Palco" is a highly popular TV format in Angola. The principle of the talent competition is similar to that of TV shows such as "American Idol": individual performers or music groups must prove their talent live to a jury of experts. Once the jury is convinced of the talent, the next round awaits. In the final rounds, the spectators vote on who gets ahead and who wins the competition in the end. The coordination takes place thereby either by call or an SMS over the Televote solution of CreaLog, which developed this service in co-operation with Unitel, the largest mobile operator in Angola. The special feature: For the first time, viewers can also use a free app to support their favorites. The app also provides users with information about the participating artists or access to exclusive show content.

The telephone is still a very popular device among TV audiences when it comes to vote on candidates, place music requests, or answer opinion polls. But nowadays, people often want additional voting options such as via social media or using an app on their mobile devices. CreaLog takes this circumstance into account by adapting its Televote Platform. In addition to participation via telephone and SMS, participation is now also possible via a specially designed App interface. The CreaLog Televote Platform is built to accommodate very high volumes of televoting callers. TV formats making use of the CreaLog Platform include talent shows that are broadcasted in many countries around the world. TV Shows generate significant revenue streams for the operator as well as service providers through premium call rates from their audiences or connection fees.

The CreaLog Televote solution is an off-the-shelf product that is already used by several mobile and fixed line operators including Vodafone and Swisscom. Our solution features a distributed architecture, enabling it to offer geographic redundancy and so reach highest availability rates of 99.999 % and more; it can be integrated into existing telco network architectures. The platform’s architecture is modular in structure and fully scalable as a whole.

Please find more information about our Televote solution here.


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