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The return of telephone banking: An article in the current issue of Call Center Profi

"Telephone banking is alive and well," exclaimed our Conversational AI Evangelist Thomas Simoneit at this year's CCW. And not without reason, as several banks and financial service providers came to the CreaLog booth in Berlin to find out more about successful users of Banking self-service, tried and tested for many years. Call Center Profi Editor-in-Chief Alexander Jünger also caught on to this and gave us the opportunity for an in-depth look at the background in a technical article and to substantiate the claim with facts and figures.

Back in 2003, CreaLog implemented a voice portal for Sparda-Bank West eG that immediately reduced the number of live calls in the service center by 50 percent. And today, 20 years later, is telephone banking really experiencing a revival? Does anyone use it at all today?

There are more users than you might think

Good question. Let's take a look at the numbers: According to a Bitkom survey from 2022, the use of banking on smartphones rose to 67 percent, and online banking to 78 percent.
These are quite impressive figures. But they also make it clear that a significant proportion of the population does not conduct its banking transactions via smartphone or desktop PC. But then what do these people do?

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Rise of Phone Banking
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