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VoiceBot Part 2: VoiceBots at Pay TV and cable network operators

This is one of the most important key figures in telephone customer service for companies: the First Contact Resolution Rate (FCR). It indicates how many customer concerns could be resolved during the first contact. The higher the rate, the more satisfied the customers are and the lower the costs of service. The First Contact Resolution Rate is therefore a clear indicator of a good customer experience. But how can the FCR be sustainably increased? Is the use of modern VoiceBots the decisive step in the right direction?

VoiceBots at Pay TV and cable network operators: 24/7 on duty and always friendly!

In focus: Pay TV providers and cable network operators
To answer these questions, we took a closer look at the use of voice automation by VoiceBots in these particularly service-intensive industries. Pay TV stations, telecommunications and cable network operators in particular offer their customers practically everything that lands in colorful and moving images on the TV set, smartphone, notebook or game console. The offer ranges from own series productions, live sports and cinema events to Internet, telephone and cable TV from one source. With this wealth of offers, the number of contacts with the company - still mainly by telephone - and the complexity of service provision in general is also growing.

New Pay TV hotline: "What can I do for you?"
In order to offer customers better telephone service and, of course, to increase the self-service quota, the new VoiceBot of a major pay TV station abandoned rigid menus a few months ago and has since then been reliably answering freely formulated caller input. The greeting is now a very human greeting: "What can I do for you? While the caller previously had to enter numbers to access the various menu items, simple sentences are now sufficient - as is already familiar from Alexa or the Google Assistant - to say, for example 

  • to report faults or power failures,
  • to unlock smart cards,
  • to retrieve invoices,
  • to provide a new postal or e-mail address
  • or to cancel booked packages or contracts.

If the customer is identified by his customer number, the respective process is directly initiated. Depending on the complexity of the matter, it is then forwarded to a customer advisor or a self-service process. In both cases, the customer can usually clarify his or her request on a case-by-case basis and even have a smartcard activated directly. A big advantage: The CreaLog VoiceBot solution precisely routes the call to more than 70 different topics. This has also reduced the number of call transfers from the Voice Portal to contact center agents by about 10 percent - a considerable saving of resources.

Even for cable network operators:
Innovative VoiceBot increases customer satisfaction
Already since 2012 a leading cable network operator had a CreaLog-VoiceBot in operation. In order to further increase user numbers and customer satisfaction, a digitization initiative in telephone customer service should cover significantly more topics than before. 
However, this task could not be solved with a rigid menu navigation, as the company offers a wide range of products and services around TV, Internet, telephone and mobile telephony with various combination packages for business and private customers up to network connection for property developers and municipalities. 

The starting point in telephone customer service is therefore the open question of the VoiceBot: "What can I do for you? With the caller's answer, almost any wish can be identified and processed today. The only prerequisite is that the topic mentioned has been defined in advance as a valid request. If it is a very complex or consultation-intensive topic, the caller is transferred directly to a service employee after prior identification and legitimation. In addition, necessary measures for customer recovery are triggered directly. Through this automated pre-qualification and classification, the average time spent with service staff (AHT = Average Handling Time) was noticeably reduced.

A clear conclusion: Voice automation through modern VoiceBots significantly increases the First Contact Resolution Rate and reduces the AHT.
However, this is provided that the VoiceBot - as with the two CreaLog solutions described above - understands free user input and that the customer can actually clarify his request on a case by case basis. Especially Pay TV providers, telecommunication and internet providers or cable network operators with their immense call volumes are constantly investing in the further development of their VoiceBot and IVR systems - because their use ensures happier customers while reducing costs at the same time!

This article was published in INTRE 01 |2020. Please click on the attached PDF to download the full article (in German).


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