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Working together for culture and innovation: Our support for Culture Clouds e.V.

Today we would like to tell you about a very special initiative that is close to our hearts. We are proud to announce that CreaLog has donated €10,000 to the Culture Clouds association in Munich this year.

CreaLog and Culture Clouds: investing in the future 
Culture Clouds is a non-profit organisation that is passionate about supporting children and young people. Their main concern: Diversity, inclusion and difference. By combining art and education with an awareness of historical events, Culture Clouds enables young people to experience a sense of self-efficacy and active participation in society. For us at CreaLog, Culture Clouds e.V. is an exemplary partner whose creative commitment to youth and the idea of friendly empowerment of all participants is in line with our own values. 

The link between technology and culture 
At CreaLog we believe that technology and culture go hand in hand. Our donation to Culture Clouds is more than financial support - it is a sign of our appreciation for the role that art and culture play in shaping the future of an innovative and connected society. 

Shared goals and values 
This donation is also a symbol of our shared goals and values. We want to help culture and technology thrive in Munich. Through this partnership, we want to help maintain a space for creative encounters, dialogue and innovation that brings together children, artists and the general public. For a youth that is attentive and interested in the world and takes responsibility for a future worth living. 

Looking to the future 
We are excited about the projects and initiatives that can be realised with our support. When Alexander Wenzlik, CEO and Managing Director of Culture Clouds, was asked what our donation would be used for, he replied: "For fair fees. For the project leaders who work with the children and young people to visualise their visions and ideas. And, of course, for the projects themselves: children's circus, art projects with refugees, or dance and theatre projects to explore their own creativity. "Everyone knows that working with the 'next generation' is an important foundation for our society - and yet, unfortunately, there are always problems with funding our work so that artists and educators can be properly paid and projects can take place," says Wenzlik. 

We look forward to shaping the future together with Culture Clouds. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey where we will work together to shape and enrich Munich's cultural landscape.


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