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Michael Minn
TC system planning department

"The automated voice response solution is an indispensable ingredient for our service center’s performance. Not only do we utilize this strong solution for our own customers but we also make it available for tenants such as municipal utilities and other service providers."

Energy supplier fault management hotline

Voice portal off-loads grid operator's control rooms

The voice portal is used to resolve the issue of insufficient accessibility at peak times once and for all and unburdens the control room staff effectively, enabling them to support their co-workers in resolving service interruptions instead of answering to the identical fault reports by clients over and over again.

Up to 80 percent of fault reports handled by Voice Portal

Depending on the affected region and the fault's nature, the CreaLog solution can handle up to 80 percent of the calls fully on its own. This real life example shows the voice enabled computer handling some 68 percent of all calls on a typical winter power failure day, and even 82 percent during the one-hour morning time interval.

A strong solution for tenants

Being a multi-tenant system, the CreaLog solution not only serves customers of Netze BW but also supports other regional utilities' customer services. New tenants, supply types, and call forwarding destinations can easily be integrated into the system.

State-of-the-art technology in action

  • Friendly customer call experience: Netze BW invested in nearly 10,000 professional place name recordings
  • State-of-the-art voice recognition technology and speech synthesis for announcing text of any kind and location names unknown so far
  • Netze BW can easily install and configure new tenants and supply types on their own with no programming effort

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