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Training - at the CreaLog Academy

Elevating your in-house knowledge at the CreaLog Academy

The CreaLog Academy offers a full range of training programs; from introductory courses to advanced product specialist and certification programs. The goal is to give participants the knowledge required to successfully use, administrate and maintain a CreaLog solution. All courses are designed to ensure a high level of knowledge transfer. Lectures by senior specialists are combined with demonstrations, discussions and hands-on exercises.

Introduction Courses

Our introduction courses provide a foundation to perform basic administration tasks and problem elimination.

Certification Courses 

Certification courses ensure that key personnel in your organization are thoroughly trained to handle operation, maintenance and the setup of new services on a CreaLog system in production. These courses are recommended prior to handover of installation projects to the line organization, to secure efficient operation of the total solution.

Product Specialist Courses 

Our product specialist courses give key personnel an in-depth understanding of setup and parameterization of selected CreaLog products and features. After the course, participants will be able to take an active role in CreaLog solution delivery projects.

Courses are available in several categories and are provided at CreaLog’s training facilities in Munich, Germany, or at your premises.

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