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IP Multimedia Subsystem Networks

CreaLog Service Delivery Platform (SDP)

Multimedia Telephony Applications for Telcos

In these days of digitalization, the use of smart phones and other mobile devices, text messaging, and personal smart voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa is on the rise. It is therefore crucial for any company to offer all communication channels used by their customers to provide a consistent communication experience. A modern service infrastructure comprises all components enabling unified communications with your customers while providing a unique user experience. In times of ever-increasing and accelerating data flows, communication service providers (CSPs) feel the need for an easy-to-manage, highly flexible, and scalable communication system at an attractive price to help them reach out to their customers.

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SIP Application Server (SIP AS)

The CreaLog SIP Application Server (SIP AS) is built on the proven CreaLog Platform 7 which has routed billions of calls since its first deployment more than 25 years ago.

It gives you unmatched control over your calls using standards like RFC 4240 and RFC 5552 to intelligently screen, route, transfer, and initiate SIP calls. In addition the SIP AS can be combined with traditional SS7 IN Servers for INAP and CAMEL.

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Number Translation Services (NTS)

CreaLog‘s Number Translation Services (NTS) are the solution of choice for any service provider offering IN services with flexible number routing. The solution can handle premium rate service numbers as well as toll free numbers. Today, these value added services (VAS) are virtually indispensable for any network and also provide continuous revenues.

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