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Number Translation

Number Translation Services (NTS)

Number translation for service numbers and geographical number routing

CreaLog‘s Number Translation Services (NTS) are the solution of choice for any service provider offering IN services with flexible number routing in his IMS-System. The solution can handle premium rate service numbers as well as toll free numbers. Today, these value added services (VAS) are virtually indispensable for any network and also provide continuous revenues.

Moreover, this solution also allows routing of any geographic number or number block. This gives customers the flexibility to move employees or departments from one location to another without the need to change their phone numbers. Migration scenarios for moving companies from TDM to SIP, for instance, are also supported.

CreaLog NTS offers integrated rights management, making it perfect for communication service providers with multiple levels of distributors and resellers. Users can manage their own service numbers and adjust routing parameters including percentage routing, time/date tables or calling number dependent routings. Using the platform’s integrated workflow editor, users can create call flow trees. These call flows can feature routing decisions based on various parameters, announcements, and interactive voice menus with keypad input or speech recognition.


  • Premium rate and toll free service numbers
  • Geographic number routing, e.g., for migration to SIP
  • Virtual private numbers
  • Follow me services


  • Multi-tenant IN platform with rich user interface
  • Simple routing through to complex, graphically created call flows
  • Services with keypad input and speech recognition
  • IVR and Contact Center integration for powerful cloud services


  • Flexible platform for service providers, resellers, and distributors
  • Platform for all TDM, NGN, and IMS networks including migration scenarios
  • Assisting IP with enhanced IVR functions
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