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Next Generation Voicemail

Simplified infrastructure and reduced TCO

Voicemail solutions are a well known commodity for operators. Traditionally storing the recorded voicemail files, sometimes for for long periods, requires additional resources, and is thus putting a strain on the TCO of such a solution.

For a Voicemail solution with a significantly reduced TCO, CreaLog now offers state-of-the-art voicemail features in combination with the newest technologies in speech recognition and Voice-2-Text.

Voicemail no longer has to be stored by the Telco nor tediously retrieved and deleted by the customer. We offer an easy, simplified interface while leveraging existing infrastructure like e-mail for voicemail delivery.

Our new Voicemail solution offers fast and easy message delivery by means of Visual Voicemail, e-mail message with audio attachment, or even the transcribed text of the voicemail.
As the customer has all the necessary information easily at hand on his mobile, storing voicemail with the Telco becomes obsolete.

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