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The biggest feature since the invention of voicemail

No one really likes to listen to voicemail recordings. Young people consider it “uncool”. And in a meeting, in a movie theatre, while having dinner … sometimes it‘s just not convenient to listen to your voicemail. But millions of lost voicemail messages that don’t generate return calls are a threat to operators’ revenues.

Enter Voicemail-to-Text. It’s as cool as any other real-time text service. Why not let customers read their messages any time they like instead of having to call their voicemail.

The Voicemail-to-Text service converts voice messages left for customers into text messages and delivers them by SMS or email. Recipients can then call back or send a SMS, depending on their situation and preference.

This additional text notification feature adds value and convenience to conventional voicemail. Once activated, your customers will never want to be without this service again!

How Voicemail-to-Text works


  • Enrichment for established voicemail services
  • Avoid lost voicemail messages and create revenue from return calls or SMS
  • Support for many voicemail languages


  • CreaLog or 3rd party voicemail server records message
  • CreaLog Voice-to-Text Server converts voice message to text
  • Text message to B-party with information from A-party as SMS or email
  • Optionally use MMS with attached voice record


  • Exciting customer experience and exceptional customer service
  • Increase phone call and SMS response to voicemail calls
  • Higher call completion rate increases ARPU
  • Additional text notification adds value and convenience
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