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Unitel Angola

Mass Calling / Business Apps

Individual self-service offers for Unitel customers

  • Information about card account status (postpaid)
  • Enquiries about credit balance (prepaid) and credit expiry dates plus top-up procedures
  • Tariff information for prepaid and postpaid
  • Blocking of SIM cards and/or telephones (automated or via call center)
  • Service activation – text messaging, MMS, mobile TV and push mail
  • Request for a configuration SMS for the automatic setting of phones for SMS and MMS

Unitel - Customer Service Portal

Amilcar Safeca, CTO

"The rapid growth of our customer base requires the ongoing expansion of our resources and services, which is why we opt for partnerships with top-performing market leaders. In that process, CreaLog is helping us to offer our customers the best and most advanced services available in the market."

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