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Speech Synthesis – Text-to-Speech

Read out text and database content with CreaLog Speech Synthesis

Provision of voice portals, reading out e-mails, web sites, news, traffic reports or other regularly updated information, implementing intelligent personal assistants, facilitating voice output of UMS (unified messaging) – all this is possible with speech synthesis.

Speech Synthesis, also called Text-to-Speech (TTS), is usually used where large volumes of information need to be read aloud or information is frequently updated. It can be used to convert any written text into speech.

Precise knowledge of a language makes it possible to achieve perfect pronunciation; years of development work by various manufacturers make speech synthesis comprehensible and sound as natural as possible today.

The existing text is broken down by the system, using various algorithms, into ever smaller units (sentence, word, syllable etc.) until the lowest level of segmentation is reached. Then the pronunciation of the words is established and the linguistic structure is analyzed.

This analysis is then used to determine the melody and rhythm of speech and pauses. The synthesized speech is then played back using diphones previously recorded by a "real" speaker and using specific dictionaries of exceptions. Verbal communication with machines via voice input and output will soon be the norm.

The use of automated systems with speech synthesis makes it much easier to access timetables, flight departure and arrival times or event dates. CreaLog offers you state-of-the-art technology from a variety of manufacturers, tailored to your specific needs.

Corporate Voice

Corporate Voice makes your speech synthesis sound perfectly natural and, in future, exactly in your company's "voice".

Your individual speech synthesis is created from the voice of your company, i.e. the voice in your advertising or your voice on the phone.

This individual speech synthesis can then be integrated seamlessly with existing voice recordings and used in a variety of applications in your company.


  • A consistent acoustic (corporate) experience
  • Great flexibility with new announcements
  • Low costs for regular changes


  • multilingual
  • multi-channel
  • supports SAPI and VoiceXML industry standards
  • user-definable pronunciation dictionaries
  • Variable synthesis parameters
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