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Voice Biometrics

Voice Biometrics - Speaker verification

High security with CreaLog SpeakerVerification

  • Fast, easy and available everywhere – user authentication by telephone
  • Enhanced security through direct authentication – reduced fraud opportunities
  • Cost effective and flexibly deployable, no special hardware required
  • Easy, intuitive handling by the user “Your voice – your password”
  • High reliability with market leading technology
  • For banks, insurance companies, user helpdesk and many other lines of business

The human voice is unique. No two voices in the world are hundred percent alike.

They vary according to physical features like size and form of the larynx and the length and frequency of the vocal chord.

Apart from that, acquired features like dialect, accent, speech disorders or language habits play an important role. This uniqueness is used by SpeakerVerification to carry out a secure and comfortable verification, be it alone or in combination with passwords, passphrases or a PIN.

Voice is well suited for biometric identification, because on one hand there is a high variability between different speakers, whilst on the other hand there is a high degree of stability between different voice samples of the same person.

During a short enrollment process SpeakerVerification generates a unique voiceprint of a person. In the future, when that user calls again, the system compares his voice with the stored voiceprint. If they are identical, the caller is given access to the system. If not, he is rejected and could be forwarded to an agent.

If needed SpeakerVerification not only verifies the caller at the beginning, but also throughout the whole dialog. This further enhances security.

Unlike other biometric technologies, like iris scan or fingerprint, CreaLog SpeakerVerification can be used on any location where a phone is available. No new, costly and unknown equipment has to be bought by the caller or customer.

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