Important key performance indicators in customer service

ASA - FCR - AHT: KPIs in Contact and Service Centers

What are KPIs?

In order to measure the quality of customer service and maintain defined service levels, business performance indicators have been defined for call, service or contact centers. These are generally referred to as KPIs (key performance indicators).  
AHT, FCR and ASA are the three most important indicators when customers call companies (inbound). Previously related only to purely telephone contact, KPIs are now also used in omnichannel communication via e-mail, messenger, SMS or chat.

What is the ASA?

Customers want to be helped immediately and not have to wait a long time for an advisor. ASA or FRT (Average Speed of Answer or First Response Time) describes the average time a caller spends waiting in the queue to be connected to an employee. ASA therefore has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Since customers who have to wait a long time are dissatisfied customers, it is important to minimize the waiting time. The ASA value is often combined with other targets. For example, accepting 80 percent of all incoming calls within 30 seconds.

What is FCR?

Customers want to resolve their concerns (intent) completely with just one contact if possible. The FCR (First Contact Resolution Rate) describes the first contact resolution rate, i.e., the percentage of issues resolved in the first customer contact. It should therefore be as high as possible. FCR is thus one of the most important indicators of customer satisfaction and is a good indicator of a positive customer experience.

What is AHT?

Service center operators naturally want to complete as many processes as possible with their staff in a given time, also to avoid waiting times for customers. The AHT (Average Handling Time) therefore describes the average handling time required by an employee (also known as a contact center agent) to process a call or the complete process. This includes the actual call, but also the hold time for research or queries, as well as the follow-up time.
The goal is to keep the AHT as low as possible in order to be able to handle as many processes per hour as possible.

How do our solutions help?

Our self-service speech technology solutions (IVR system, Voice Bot, Service Bot, Voice Portal, Enterprise IVR, Contact Center Recording, Transcription, SpeechAnalytics) help service organizations optimize the above KPIs:

CreaLog ServiceBots increase FCR in the contact center by automating high call volumes and supporting your customer care staff. Thanks to Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Conversational AI, the latest generation enables even better recognition of customer requests (intents), free dialogs, a significantly expanded range of functions, and decisively increased case closure rates.

With a CreaLog IVR Voice Portal, you can reduce ASA to 0. Our voice portals are the basis for standard information, tariff information, call queuing, authentication and many other applications. Case-closing or partially automated services significantly reduce costs and also enable new services.

With CreaLog Recording and Speech Analytics, you can reduce AHT by recording, transcribing, and analyzing customer conversations easily, reliably, and in compliance with data protection regulations. This allows you to determine, among other things, why certain concerns could not be resolved on the customer's first call and uncover emerging focal points or problems in communication.


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