What is a Chat Bot and how can it help you?

Service and Chat Bots

Ever talked to a robot? Probably not, you think. But if we translate talk with 'chat' and abbreviate robot as 'bot', your answer will be different. Because we encounter chatbots more and more often: On websites and messaging platforms or in social networks they offer their help to users.

But who or what exactly is behind these bots?

Software systems with intelligent algorithms work in the background, responding to human text input - classic human-machine communication, in other words. The decisive factor here is that the chatbot has to recognize the request or wish of the human as precisely as possible. Supported by artificial intelligence (AI), it can then compare the request (also known as intent) in knowledge databases with existing cases, interpret it, and select a suitable, helpful response or start a dialog.

AI-supported dialogs for better customer service

Like voicebots, chatbots are based on powerful conversational AI solutions that ensure, among other things, lightning-fast access to different data sources via standard interfaces. This ensures that the right answers are found for queries based on predefined categories.  This is a win-win situation for our clients and their customers, because the latter can start inquiries, place orders, check delivery times and use many other services in automated self-service around the clock via Voice Bot or Chat Bot.

Particularly in online communication, customers today expect their request to be resolved as quickly as possible, however complex it may be. AI-supported dialog systems that use a common database for voice and text services enable exactly this. Based on more than 25 years of experience with the development of intelligent, interactive voice dialog systems (Conversational IVR), CreaLog addresses these changing requirements and completes its comprehensive self-service solution portfolio with a new ServiceBot architecture for voice and text communication. This is of particular interest for companies from a wide range of industries, which can use our voice or chatbots to improve their customer service, relieve their service personnel of standard questions, and generally reduce costs.

CreaLog offers the complete range of ServiceBots. From VoiceBots and Voice Self Services to WebChat and ChatBots for Apps and Messenger services.


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