What is Conversational AI and how can it help you?

Conversational AI

Conversational Artificial Intelligence simply describes the combination of conversation and artificial intelligence (AI). More comprehensively defined, it is a (customer) dialog system that is supported by AI. In practice, providers usually use terms such as 'Conversational AI Platform', 'Conversational Platform' or even 'Conversational AI Platform'. None of these terms, by the way, is clearly defined scientifically.

How a Conversational AI Platform improves the customer dialog

What a Conversational AI Platform should and can do in practice is much more clearly defined: It allows to develop voice-based assistants (VoiceBots) or chatbots with which our clients can sustainably improve their customer communication. Especially when they intelligently integrate these virtual assistants into hotlines, websites, messaging platforms, mobile apps and other channels.

The essential prerequisites for a powerful Conversational AI solution include innovative technologies in the field of speech recognition and speech processing as well as fast access to different data sources via standard interfaces. Only in this way can an AI-supported customer dialog ensure that the appropriate answers are also found for inquiries based on predefined categories. This also makes the customer/end user particularly satisfied: Around the clock, for example, they can use VoiceBot or ChatBot to start inquiries, place orders, check delivery times, and take advantage of many other services.

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