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Speech Processing - Datasheet


CreaLog voice portals stand for conveniently operated, high-performance conversational dialogs with high customer acceptance. In 1995, CreaLog presented the first phoneme-based speech recognition system in German for natural, fluidly spoken language (“natural language understanding“ or NLU).

Today, speech recognition, speech synthesis and voice biometrics technologies from leading providers such as Nuance are integrated in the CreaLog platform.

CreaLog has a vast collection of language material which enables our experts to make objective comparisons of the various products. Thus we can provide multivendor support in answering key questions such as which technology is best for your specific application, which recognition rates are to be expected and how the dialog flow and recorded messages must be structured to make optimal use of speech recognition.


Spoken language is the most natural means of interaction. This is particularly true on the phone, where spoken language is usually also the most efficient means. After all, who hasn‘t been irritated at some point by cumbersome dialog navigation using a mobile telephone keypad?

Along with suitable base technologies such as speech recognition and synthesis, dialog creation is critically important for the success of a project. This starts with discussing whether in the particular project a dialog with specific prompts such as “Please select one of the following menu items:“ or a free dialog with open-ended questions such as “What would you like to do with your bank account?“ will achieve greater customer acceptance and a higher level of automation. Concepts such as “mixed initiative” dialogs give the caller the option to speak freely or be guided by the system according to his preferences.

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