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-------------------------------- relies on Conversational IVR

Whether early in the morning or late at night: is Germany's largest TV auction station and has been operating interactive home shopping since 2004, with over two million registered customers determining the price of products themselves by bidding live 24/7.

Since July 2021, has been using state-of-the-art speech recognition for customer contacts by phone to offer customers even more convenience when placing their orders. The Conversational IVR was implemented by long-time partner CreaLog, which has accompanied the interactive home shopping channel since its launch. As a result, around six million calls are handled by the system every year, and the number is rising.

Since customers use Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant in their homes, expectations are rising. is responding to this trend and now saves customers the hassle of typing.
When logging into the portal by phone, customers can legitimize themselves (log in) in natural language and then navigate further quite simply. Digits, numbers and birth dates are recognized by voice input just as well as color variants, sizes and the desired quantities of the products.

Live bidding on items currently presented on TV

During the highly dynamic bidding process, in which a split second decides whether you get or don’t get the desired article, a simple "bid now" is all that is needed to place a purchase bid. 
If callers hesitates with his bid and the auction ends before he has placed a bid, he is informed immediately.

If callers hesitate with bids and the auction ends before they placed a bid, they are informed immediately.

Quantities and variants are also recognized

Products at are often offered in different colors or sizes. Here, callers can specify their desired variant in the dialog and receive immediate feedback as to whether exactly this variant is still available.
The same applies if callers want to order more than one piesce of the item. They receive immediate feedback as to whether the desired quantity is still available.

Returns processing via VoiceBot planned also aims to enhance not only the login and bidding process with speech recognition, but also let a VoiceBot handle other dialogs (e.g. returns) using speech recognition.

Comprehensive auction platform

CreaLog's auction platform has made a significant contribution to the success of It is also the home shopping channel's central planning, control and database platform. The flexible system accepts bids in multi-channel shopping via TV, web, voice & app on all channels and controls the auction process.

Long-term partnership pays off

Managing partner and CreaLog founder Michael Kloos puts the challenging project in perspective: "The entire CreaLog team is justifiably proud that we have been able to support with state-of-the-art technologies since the station's launch in 2004. This long-standing and trusting collaboration has also enabled us to accompany the further development of the order hotline - and thus of customer service in general - with our state-of-the-art Conversational IVR."

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CreaLog Kloos
Michael Kloos, founder and managing director at CreaLog
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