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Angola discovers its next superstar with the help of CreaLog

CreaLog Televote celebrates huge success with the casting show "Unitel Estrelas ao Palco 2018": Television viewers select Angola’s new superstar by using phones, text messages and an app casting more than 2.6 million votes.

It was truly a grand finale: The ecstatic audience in the Centro de Conferências de Belas in the capital of Luanda and millions of TV viewers celebrated Angola’s new superstar. Anderson Mário is the winner of the casting show “Unitel Estrelas ao Palco 2018”. Television viewers in Angola were able to vote for their favorite artists in the finals by telephone, text message or app. About 700,000 votes were cast via the CreaLog Televote solution during the two-hour gala alone. Angola’s largest mobile-phone provider, Unitel, also successfully used this system in the preliminary rounds. During the nine shows, broadcasted by the TV station ZAP Viva, more than 2.6 million votes were cast.

Votes submitted by telephone and text message dominated - voting by app integrated into the Televote platform for the first time

The response for “Estrelas ao Palco 2018” (Stars on the Stage) was astounding from the very start. At times, more than 300 lines were being used at the same time. For the first time, voters were able to select their favorite performers by using an app in addition to a phone call or text message. About 40 percent of the votes were cast by phone, 30 percent by text message and 30 percent with the app.

In Angola, CreaLog Televote can handle 2,000 text messages per second and a maximum of 2,100 parallel voice phone calls. Unitel customers were also able to download the smartphone app “Idolos Angola” that transmitted their votes directly to the Televote platform via web services. This way the overall results of the final voting were directly announced.

CreaLog Televote – successful with Unitel Angola in Africa

To handle the highest level of volume by Televoting calls – this is the job for which CreaLog developed Televote. It supports TV and radio formats like talent shows that are broadcast in many countries of the world. By charging premium telephone rates or connection fees, these formats generate significant amounts of revenue for both the broadcaster and the service provider.

The CreaLog Televote solution has been used for many years by providers of mobile-telephone and land-line services like Vodafone and Swisscom. Televote uses a distributed architecture that offers geographic redundancy and the hight availability rates. The solution can be easily integrated into existing telecommunication networks. The platform’s architecture is modular and completely scalable.


Angola's largest mobile operator. An Angolan company, an example of success, a reason for national pride. A modern company with young staff, Unitel has revolutionized the telecommunications area for the quality and innovation of the services it introduces in the market, such as the international call service and the access to LTE 4G. Since its inception, Unitel has been democratizing access to mobile telephones and telecommunications, bringing Angolans from the north closer to the south of the country, and enabling the access of customers to products and services.

You can find more information on the CreaLog Televote Solution here.

More information on the cooperation with Unitel Angola can be found here.


Crowds queuing for the final show 2018.
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