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Available for all Scenarios - Comprehensive Services Portfolio

Cloud computing is one of the key drivers in the digitalization of business processes. CreaLog supports this development with a comprehensive application portfolio from the cloud for telecommunications providers and network operators. CreaLog focuses on cloud-enabled components such as WEB Application Server, SIP Application Server, File Server, Oracle or PostgreSQL databases, Application Manager and MRF (Media Resource Function). These virtual instances are implemented modular, distributed, fail-safe and scalable for the cloud. Besides NFV (Network Function Virtualization), we also provide the necessary interfaces to the Orchestration Layer of the existing MANO (Management and Network Orchestration).

Comprehensive Services Portfolio

The NG-IN Service Delivery Platform (SDP) features (services) include Number Routing, IVR, VoiceBots, Messaging, Contact Center, Conferencing and Recording. These cloud services can be managed from a central, browser-based portal.

Individual and flexible migration

CreaLog supports cloud migration of telcos in numerous scenarios: From traditional physical servers (bare metal), to virtualization within the telco infrastructure (telco cloud) through VMware or  OpenStack with KVM, up to virtualization with external cloud partners such as AWS or Azure (3rd party cloud).

Operational support up to Solution-as-a-Service

Adapted to the requirement profile, CreaLog takes over continuous monitoring, database operation, updates and the provision of the entire backup infrastructure for its telco solutions. In the full service model, CreaLog also takes care of the operation of virtual or physical hardware, network infrastructure and housing. Telcos thus receive an individual, customized service portfolio, from operational support to solution-as-a-service.

Maximum benefit for telecommunications providers and network operators

The Telco Service Provider can implement the service platforms in his preferred infrastructure and take advantage of the cloud for CreaLog services, with a significant reduction of CAPEX and OPEX. The agile implementation of new services and uncomplicated scalability are further advantages and enable the services to be adapted quickly and flexibly to new requirements.

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