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Brand new for home shoppers: voice controlled bidding and product selection

Eberhard Kuom, Head of Finance and Operations at, sums it up: "We want to make our checkout processes as convenient as possible for our customers and sustainably enhance their customer experience. Particularly with our highly dynamic auctions, many customers demand fast processing in order to receive products at the desired price. With CreaLog, we have a strong partner who has accompanied us with its know-how since our founding."

Of course, we are very happy to hear such positive customer statements. And CreaLog founder and CEO Michael Kloos is thrilled, too:
"The entire CreaLog team is justifiably proud of the fact that we have been able to support with cutting-edge technologies since the start of broadcasting in 2004. This long-standing and trusting collaboration has also enabled us to accompany the further development of the order hotline - and thus of customer service in general - with our state-of-the-art Conversational IVR."

As of now, you have the opportunity to download the entire success story and read it at your leisure. Learn, among other things, how the CreaLog VoiceBot sustainably improves the customer experience in home shopping and how the station's content editors use the CreaLog control application to determine the best sales campaign and broadcasting process.

Click here for the case study:


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