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The "CreaLog Summit 2023," themed "The Future of Voice," attracted top experts to Schwabing for discussions on the latest trends in voice communication. The Summit on December 14th is now available online due to high demand!

Key Topic: Voice Communication as an Innovative Product The Summit, moderated by Prof. Dr. Jens Böcker, emphasized the increasing role of voice applications in the corporate sector. A new study we commissioned indicates that both companies and telecoms continue to heavily invest in voice communication. CreaLog is at the forefront, offering innovative solutions that enhance the voice product.

Study Highlights: The Rising Significance of Voice The survey of 145 business clients and 86 telecoms reveals: 55% of business clients and 63% of telecoms acknowledge the high importance of voice applications for their businesses, with 66% of business clients expecting its significance to grow. This presents a clear opportunity for telecoms to develop innovative services around traditional voice products.

Present Focus: Voice for Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Revenue A notable number of companies (70% of business clients and 81% of telecoms) aim to boost customer satisfaction through voice applications, with a focus on increasing revenues and profits, while also considering cost reduction.

Future Outlook: Emphasis on Loyalty and Cost Optimization Future strategies will revolve around customer satisfaction and loyalty, with revenue generation through voice applications gaining more importance for half of the business clients.

Emerging Trends: Cloud and Data Protection Cloud technology is increasingly dominating the voice application landscape: 46% of business clients currently utilize cloud-based solutions, and 31% plan to do so. Data protection is a key factor in opting for cloud solutions.

Visionary Applications: AI at the Forefront The future is geared towards AI-driven voice and chatbots, transcription, and HD voice, enabling customer-focused services. Telecoms and business clients are shifting towards innovative services that evolve voice communications.

In conclusion, our research underscores the significant and growing impact of voice applications, with artificial intelligence being a crucial catalyst for this evolution.

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About the Study: Director Prof Dr Jens Böcker, a marketing and telecommunications expert and visionary, not only leads our study but is also a key influencer in the telecom industry.





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