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Do you speak CDG?

We admit that speaking might not be the right term, because we are speaking about CreaLog CDG, our low-code Service Creation Environment. You don't know exactly what a Service Creation Environment (SCE) does? Then let's start from the beginning.

Let's assume you have purchased the CreaLog Platform software license and other software components. Be it on a physical server (also called bare metal), as a pure software solution in your own server architecture, or a private or public cloud.
Without a programmed application or an individually configured service, however, nothing happens here for the time being.

This is where our Service Creation Environment, CreaLog CDG, comes into play: With this graphical drag-and-drop tool, we directly create the desired, executable applications, dialogs, and service bots for your CreaLog platform. Or you can develop your solution quickly and easily on your own.

The graphical user interface for low-code application design provides over 100 icons for all types of applications. An integrated scripting engine also enables the development of complex calculations and procedures. Powerful interfaces provide seamless external connections.

Service Creation Environment: the tool to define simple but also highly complex process flows.

Possible applications are:

  • (Voice) dialogs,
  • Communication via CTI, SMS, e-mail and chat,
  • Exchange with contact center solutions and booking systems, (CRM) databases, and many other systems.

Over the years, we have also been able to integrate systems from very different third-party vendors. Established standards such as web services, VoiceXML and MSML are supported, and through open architecture and customer requirements we regularly integrate new standards.

We create over 90 percent of the individual solutions in-house with CreaLog CDG. This guarantees modular work of different employees on one project, a uniform code base, and the reusability of solutions once they have been created. The integrated logic check in CreaLog CDG immediately points out inconsistencies and thus reduces possible sources of error. In addition, a context-sensitive online help supports you in using the tool; in-depth programming knowledge is not required.

Functional units for better overview

CreaLog CDG abstracts all processes as far as possible and groups them into small, easy-to-understand functional units. This provides a good and quick overview and enables low-code development of applications.

However, in order to meet complex customer requirements, the function units can also be configured in depth. Thanks to the integrated scripting language, many new functions can be added to CreaLog CDG in a very short time.

Other advantages for you are:

  • The integrated management of the resources used (configurations, announcements, speech recognition)
  • The direct PDF export of the created applications for documentation purposes
  • Training at the CreaLog Academy with CDG courses for beginners, advanced users and experts.

Contact us for a demonstration of CreaLog CDG or more information, or download the datasheet with further details here.


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