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Getting out of the carrier trap - How telcos successfully address business customers

Reducing telecommunications network operators to their function as carriers and infra-structure operators has always fallen short of the mark: as 'full service providers', most telcos offer numerous TC and IT services that go far beyond pure network operation and map the entire value chain. Nevertheless, there is still great untapped potential in the systems - especially with regard to the B2B sector, i.e., the telcos' business customers. This is not even about the actual service, which is often already available in the telco network, but about communicating the added value and benefits that this specific solution offers business customers. 

Recording and analysis as a revenue generating service

A good example of this is the recording (call recording), transcription and analysis (speech analytics) of telephone calls in the Telco network and the efficient use of the information gained from this for companies in very different industries. Telecommunications companies across Europe such as Deutsche Telekom, A1 Telekom Austria, Swisscom, Post Luxembourg and Monaco Telecom, for example, rely on CreaLog's call recording solutions. This was developed in 2018 to enable legally compliant recording of consultation calls between employees in banks, financial service providers, credit institutions and insurance companies and their customers. In this process, the conversations are recorded directly in the telco's network and stored securely encrypted.

Suitable for numerous industries

In addition to the financial sector mentioned above, the solution offers significant added value to contact center and service organizations in particular. Other consulting sectors and professions such as insurance brokers, lawyers or tax consultants can also benefit from the advantages of network-based call recording. After all, they usually have a need for call recording too, which can be easily set up and managed with CreaLog Call Recording.

Efficient use of valuable data

Customer service is all about significantly increasing customer and employee satisfaction and boosting productivity. Companies are therefore dependent on analyzing customer conversations, evaluating the quality of the dialogs and discussing them with the employees in the service or contact center.

Modern CreaLog speech technologies enable automated recording, transcription and analysis of telephone conversations directly in the telco network. This way, Speech or Customer Analytics immediately provides relevant information about the customer's request (intent), the course of the dialog, and the content of the conversation. But the potential for analysis does not end there: among other things, the company can determine how many (customer) contacts took place in total per channel (telephone/email/messenger) in a defined time window or whether one and the same customer started a request via different channels - and which specific expressions were used in the process.

Combining data from different sources

The next step is to combine statistics from the telephony data such as call number, geolocation, call duration, transfer, waiting time, etc. with the call analysis data. These are then linked in a meaningful way, mirrored against KPIs and placed in a context that allows concrete conclusions to be drawn and reveals the actual potential for optimization. 

And this is exactly where the telecommunications service providers come into play again as full service providers. If they use their potential and, in addition to pure TC or IT service, also act as consultants who create added value with training and best cases so their business customers can get the best out of the solutions offered. 

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