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Holistic life coaching by phone

Insights into an extraordinary business model

isee newmedia - pioneers of esoteric online life counseling

With topics such as psychology, nutrition, health and veterinary medicine, isee newmedia in Frankfurt has been active with its online portal for 18 years and is now one of the most successful providers of holistic life advice by phone in almost all European languages.

The core of the business model
is the provisioning of the technical infrastructure which enables affiliated consultants to plan, market and invoice their services. CreaLog supports this platform with a sophisticated technical solution.

In the early 2000s, there were no viable ICT (information and telecommunications technology) solutions available that met the special requirements of isee newmedia, the pioneers of esoteric online life counseling. Over time, the IT environment was maintained by various programmers and grew organically - with all the associated adversities and disadvantages.

In 2009 it was therefore decided to rely on the professional solution of a renowned manufacturer for the important and complex core area of the telephony server in order to guarantee quality and reliability even with increasing user numbers and requirements. A partner had to be found who could cope with the proprietary IT environments and, above all, could implement a completely customized solution. After extensive market research, CreaLog was finally chosen as an experienced expert with the right know-how.

Challenging integration requirements 
As already mentioned, the consulting platform was getting on in years. Accordingly, adaptation and migration to CreaLog technology was complex, with the clear requirement to ensure stability and reliability of the platform at all times. This was a real challenge for the CreaLog specialists, but within a short period of time they mastered it and put the new solution - including design, installation, and various test runs - into operation.

A central feature is the provision of communication data (duration, tariff) for the billing of calls between the parties involved. Although realized in a technologically sophisticated way, isee newmedia can still easily and quickly make adjustments and changes to processes. This is especially important in order to react quickly to new legal regulations, for example, the free on-hold loop, without affecting operations.

Protecting customers from financial overload
The solution includes a warning system to protect customers from financial overload based on the seniority of the customer's account. In addition, all registered customers can set weekly cost limits and adjust them if needed. For anonymous calls through premium rate numbers, connections are automatically disconnected after 60 minutes.

Easy access through CreaLog Technology
The the consultants of isee newmedia can be reached in several ways: 

  • Anonymous calls via the 0900 premium rate number listed in the consultant profile. Customers record their name or an alias before the connection is established. Billing is done via the telephone bill.
  • If customers need regular advice, they often set up an account and are then billed via a prepaid/postpaid system. 
  • Matchmaking and Advance Booking: The CreaLog system establishes the connection exclusively for customers with a user account, determines the length and time of the call, checks the existing credit balance and takes into account any remaining free minutes. The callers are informed of the costs or a free initial call with a corresponding rate announcement.
  • For anonymous calls, an alternative consultant is suggested to the caller if the requested consultant is currently busy or not available.
  • The isee newmedia website and database, and the CreaLog solution work together in real-time.



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