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Available on Youtube now: How a VoiceBot can ruin your customer experience - or make your customers happy.

In your role as a consumer, you're probably familiar with the scenario: Having legitimized yourself twice at customer service with your date of birth and customer number, you end up with the bitter news that you have to dial a completely different number for your request after all.

Or when the brief information that the error is already known and will be corrected shortly means 30 minutes of life in the queue. No wonder that the KPIs in the contact center plummet with such processes.

But what's almost worse is that most of those responsible for customer experience in companies don't even notice this, because the key performance indicators in telephone customer service aren't even part of the CX strategy - and don't flow into the evaluations and analyses. But the frustrated customers will certainly express their displeasure loudly - and the negative ratings and the falling NPS (Net Promoter Score) will be noticed in the social media at the very latest.

N.B. Although the webinar was held in German, don't hesitate to ask for a personal presentation in English.

In this webinar recording worth watching, CreaLog automation expert Stefan Riesel doesn't just provide negative examples.

Instead, he provides practical tips and takeaways on what CX and customer service managers need to do to raise their telephone service to a new level using VoiceBots. After all, the VoiceBot must become a vital part of the telephone interaction center in order to inspire and retain customers!

Click here for the recording of the short webinar:


Eine Faule Zitrone die alles zerstören kann
Pay attention to Customer Experience in your Customer care by phone, too!
Stefan Riesel - Automation Expert
Stefan Riesel - CreaLog Automation Expert


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