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Why the combination of IN and IVR offers real added value

At first glance, it seems IN (Intelligent Network) and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) ought to be considered separately. However, by combining these two products, you can achieve advantages that translate into real benefits for your customers.

IVR is basically not an IN service, but is to be understood as a supplement to the Intelligent Network. In principle, an IVR can operate independently of IN. However, it is much more efficient if both systems work in parallel. The combination of both services results in a significant simplification of provisioning and billability with regard to customer processing. Statistics can be created more easily and the integration of new services is also simplified.

Voice Self Services enable telephone customer self-service through voice bots within the framework of a human-robot collaboration, e.g. in a contact center. The advantages are obvious: Automated voice dialog is available around the clock, anywhere, anytime and by voice simply via landline or mobile phone - cost-effectively and without wait times. Voice Self Services’ strengths come especially to bear when callers feel frustrated by long response times or support outside the opening hours of a contact center isn’t forthcoming. IVR is also successfully used for information queries or binding orders. Your callers can get what they need or seek via voice control - fast, easy, reliably and around the clock. In return, you get satisfied customers that aren’t trapped in long lines – not even during peak call times.

Intelligent Network (IN) is a service based network architecture that forms a layer above the fixed or mobile network infrastructure. IN services go beyond standard network services such as telephony and are accessed through specific service numbers. Our Number Translation Service makes it possible to have flexible number routing for premium rate service numbers as well as toll free numbers. The IM-SSF Broker enables operators to implement IMS and Next Generation Network (NGN) while preserving and leveraging their existing investments.

Please find more information about our IVR-solution here.

More information about IN can be found here.



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