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Live stream from Ukraine at the CreaLog Telco Summit 2022: Focus on new strategies for communication service providers

The CreaLog Telco Summit 2022, held at the end of October at Motorwelt München, focused on new strategies and their implementation for the telecommunications industry in order to further advance digitization, automation and cloudification. A special highlight was the live link to the Ukrainian mobile operator Kyivstar: Nikolay Yefremov explained live from Kiev how, thanks to automation in customer care through voice and chatbots, all important services can be maintained despite the war. He also gave an outlook on the future development of the solution and explicitly praised the excellent cooperation with CreaLog.

After a thematic introduction by CreaLog founder Michael Kloos, Prof. Dr. Jens Böcker gave the participants a deep insight into the European telecommunications market in his keynote speech and drew important conclusions for the future of European telcos from current studies. Experts then showed how Communication Service Providers (CSP) can quickly implement new solutions based on the CreaLog Service Delivery Platform and thus increase ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), especially in B2B. 

Senior Product Manager Johannes Beck focused on the question how telcos can counter the trend among their business customers to move on-premise solutions to the cloud. His approach: they should offer these solutions to their B2B customers themselves. This avoids leaving the field to the over-the-top players (OTTs). For Senior Account Manager Andreas Schaub, flexibility of the offering was the common thread of his presentation: strong focus on customer requirements, with standard solutions and individual customizations, up to add-ons or the development of customer-specific solutions. Cloud expert Andreas März's presentation explained the integration of CreaLog solutions into telcos' cloud environments, and at the CreaLog FutureLab, Team Lead Voice Applications Anne Schilling gave an exciting insight into the latest developments in voice technologies.

We spoke with CreaLog Founder and Managing Director Michael Kloos about the Telco Summit 2022 and asked him for his take on current IT trends.

Mr. Kloos, your conclusion about this year's CreaLog Telco Summit?

First of all, we are very happy that we were finally able to hold our Telco Summit as a face-to-face event again after two years. There is still a big difference between participants watching from their workstations and being right in the middle of the action. In addition, there would have been neither a car race nor a cooking event in an online version.

What were the most important topics at Telco Summit 2022?

Artificial intelligence and bot technology are the big drivers today. We saw excellent presentations on this. With the CreaLog Service Delivery Platform, we unite all communication channels on one platform and can implement many different solutions and services. Johannes Beck presented the architecture behind the platform and impressively explained how to use it for the needs of network operators.

Which market trends do you see?

Quite a few! For one thing, multi-service platforms like the CreaLog Service Delivery Platform are very much in demand. That is, many services are using a single platform for voice and chat bots, call recording, transcription and analytics to cloud contact center and other value-added services.
The trend is moving away from siloed to shared resources to reduce the cost of acquiring and operating IT systems at telcos. In addition, AI and bots for voice and chat will play an increasingly important role in customer service. All this in an omnichannel environment, i.e. with common bots for telephony, website, chat, messenger, etc.

What has changed on the telco side?

We are noticing an increased demand for new operating models, so in addition to buying, there are also rental models, revenue sharing and more. Technically, almost everything revolves around private and public cloud with brands like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft ACS.

Were there any examples from actual projects at the Summit?

Oh, yes. We are currently implementing one of our most challenging projects with Kyivstar, the largest mobile operator in Ukraine. Michael Michler from CreaLog and Nikolay Yefremov from Kyivstar presented this exciting and extremely successful project.
Still up-to-date are also our 112 emergency call routing and e-call modem solutions from the cloud, which make the local solutions in the emergency control centers, i.e. the PSAPs, obsolete.


Inside Motorworld Munich
An exceptional location for the CreaLog Telco Summit 2022: The Motorworld Munich
Prof. Jens Böcker
Prof. Jens Böcker, marketing professor at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences and telco expert, opened the CreaLog Telco Summit 2022 with his keynote giving insight into the European telecommunications market
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Cooking in the Allianz Arena


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