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ServiceBots: AI-supported dialogs on all channels

The omnichannel concept for a systemic customer experience has received a major boost in recent years through the use of intelligent algorithms. AI-supported dialog systems that share AI algorithms and databases for voice and text services allow customers seamless 24/7 interaction on all communication channels.

It no longer matters to customers whether they start the dialog by phone with a VoiceBot, continue it via the website using a ChatBot, communicate via a smart speaker using voice input, or use messaging services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Viber: All of these contact channels provide the same information because they use the same database. Best of all, by avoiding information silos, these communication channels can be quickly and easily integrated into the customer service experience.

Flexible, cost-effective, global

CreaLog offers ServiceBots that can be deployed on-premise or from the cloud and require little or no investment in the company's own infrastructure. The different billing models are also flexible, ranging from tiered pricing based on time of use, processed service cases or number of customer requests, to contemporary managed services. The large number of available language packages enables the global use of the ServiceBots.

State-of-the-art conversational design 

When developing ServiceBots, CreaLog benefits from over 25 years of experience and expertise with intelligent, interactive voice response (IVR) systems for a wide range of industries. The planning and development of each ServiceBot always focuses on the following questions: What is the customer's intent and how can they get it quickly and in a focused manner? If it's a matter of standard inquiries such as opening hours or rates, predefined menu items can be a suitable solution. If complex and diverse topics are involved, free text or voice input will lead the customer most swiftly to the goal. Mixed forms in the question/answer structure of the ServiceBot are particularly convenient for customers: freely formulated inquiries in the first step, then targeted follow-up questions from the ServiceBot. This turns automated customer service into an enjoyable experience.

First analyze, then implement

An exact analysis in the run-up to the project is important for the successful use of a ServiceBot, and has to answer the following questions:

  • Which terms, topics and phrases do customers use on the company's various communication channels?
  • How do dialogs with existing customers differ from those with new customers?
  • Do customers primarily use synchronous communication channels such as the telephone or rather asynchronous channels like website chat?
  • What is the percentage of asynchronous communication like email, social media and mobile messaging?
  • Can you ensure that customer service staff can continue human-machine communication seamlessly to provide consistent service?

If you consider these aspects in your planning, you will achieve true multimodality - and ServiceBots will be accepted by your customers!

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Omnichannel on common ground
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