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10,000 € for the emergency aid of SOS Children's Villages

Following the invasion of Ukraine, SOS Children's Villages has launched an extensive aid program. As a first step, humanitarian aid will reach 15,000 people in the regions of Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk and Zakarpattya. Children and families affected will receive assistance with evacuation and shelter, and will be provided with food, hygiene items, blankets and medicines. In addition, parentless children and particularly needy families are helped.

CreaLog had already supported SOS Children's Villages with a donation at Christmas 2020 and 2021. Because of the dramatic situation in Ukraine, CreaLog decided at short notice to transfer a further 10,000 euros to SOS Children's Villages emergency aid.

Ukraine: Help for children and families

"There is no longer a safe place here," reports Serhii Lukashov, National Director of SOS Children's Villages in Ukraine. Together with his team, he is trying to place the children in SOS Children's Villages outside the country. However, this is proving difficult, as evacuation is currently associated with extremely high risks. Lukashov also fears that children will be injured and killed, losing their parents and siblings. There is also the threat of starvation and a breakdown in medical care, and school lessons will be cancelled for a long time.

"The war is creating a traumatized generation. We have already experienced this in eastern Ukraine. The children there have been living with the war for eight years. They suffer from panic attacks and severe depression. This is now threatening the whole country," Lukashov said in an interview. explains more details of the current activities.

CreaLog founder Michael Kloos on his company's commitment:
"All of us at CreaLog are deeply affected by the Russian attack on Ukraine and the impending humanitarian disaster in our immediate European neighborhood. The least we can do as a company is to try to alleviate the distress, especially of children and families, with a monetary donation. Since we not only serve numerous customers in Eastern Europe, but also many of our employees have family and personal ties to the region, the urgently needed aid of the SOS Children's Villages in Ukraine is particularly close to our hearts." 

Account details for donations

SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit
IBAN: DE22 4306 0967 2222 2000 00
BIC: GENO DE M1 GLS (GLS Gemeinschaftsbank)
KEYWORD: Humanitarian aid Ukraine

For the latest information on emergency aid in Ukraine, plaese check:


Mutter mit Kindern
The dramatic situation in Ukraine is hard for the children in the country to cope with. They are very afraid of what is happening and are partly in shock. The children in the Ukrainian SOS Children's Villages are also affected. Picture: Maxim Shemet


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